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Maureen is a dedicated yogi who is inspired by bold adventures, beautiful places and strong relationships.  Her path often leads to high mountains, remote deserts and rugged coasts. Bringing together yoga and community in places of natural beauty is a real treat but she also creates inspired energy in the studios and workplaces where she teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Maureen’s energy is grounding, playful and healing.  She believes that by moving our bodies and deepening our breath we can dramatically shift our energy and transform our lives.  She inspires her students to understand the biomechanics and alignment of their unique bodies, cultivate the skills to promote optimal health and develop a balanced yoga practice.  Students leave Maureen’s classes feeling relaxed, invigorated and inspired.  

Maureen’s exploration of yoga began over 15 years ago, following several extended trips to India.  Her practice draws from the Hatha and Vinyasa yoga traditions, as well as the emerging field of yoga therapeutics.  She bows deeply to her primary teachers David Moreno, Harvey Deutch and Pete Guinosso.  

Maureen is committed to advocating for strong communities, healthy workplaces and a clean environment.  She comes to teaching yoga after years working as an activist and community organizer.  She is also kept busy by her two growing sons.  

“Maureen has the most welcoming, supportive energy I’ve ever been around.  She has a great intuition and ability to really see her students.  She is encouraging when she knows you can still go deeper in a pose, but also offers modifications when she knows you’re at your limit.  I would go out of my way to find her classes because her spirit is contagious!”     
– Meghan